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Best AI Tools Of 2024

Best AI Tools Of 2024

What are AI Tools?

AI tools are multifunctional applications using the vast possibilities of AI for different issues. Be it automation of any routine task or solving very complicated problems, these technologies are implemented through such advanced technologies as machine learning algorithms and neural networks. Their skills and capabilities cover the whole range of fields with particular usage in broad industries.

Benefits of AI Tools

Efficiency Improvement:

Automation: AI packages demonstrate strength in their ability to accomplish repetitive tasks and thus remove some of the burdens from humans and enhance overall productivity.

Faster Decision-Making: One principal merit of artificial intelligence tools lies in their capacity to deal with large volumes of data at once. In this way, they speed up the decision-making process even in urgent situations where time is of the essence.

Error Reduction:

Precision: Artificial intelligence (AI) is engineered to achieve highly attainable accuracy, evading human error occurrence in data operation to complex computations.

24/7 Availability:

Non-Stop Operation: While humans need breaks, AI systems can function at a round-the-clock rate instead, providing continuous productivity.

Task Complexity Handling:

Handling Complex Tasks: AI tools can execute complex tasks that may be simple or time-consuming for others, like data analysis, pattern recognition, and language processing.

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation:

Generative Abilities: AI tools are not only a medium for creative expression, but some are also visionary in areas such as art, music, and design.

Idea Generation: AI machines can act as partners in idea production and provoke the collaboration of diverse points of view and insights.

Improved User Experiences:

Personalization: AI utilities facilitate user engagement by delivering specialized suggestions and content, flexibly matching the needs and behaviors of the users.

Resource Optimization:

Cost Reduction: Technologies such as automation and efficiency improvements enabled by AI tools can help organizations achieve cost benefits by utilizing resources smartly.

Data Analysis and Insights:

Pattern Recognition: AI-powered tools have proven to be very good at performing analytics, finding patterns in large datasets, and extracting practical knowledge which, ultimately, helps decision making.

Assistance in Complex Fields:

Pattern Recognition: AI-powered tools have proven to healthcare and Diagnostics: AI tools have also been applied to medical diagnostics for early detection of diseases through analysis of images and patient data.

Finance and Trading: In the financial sector, AI tools assist in algorithmic trading, anti-fraud measures, and risk management. I am very good at performing analytics, finding patterns in large datasets, and extracting practical knowledge, which ultimately helps decision-making.

Language Processing and Communication:

Natural Language Understanding: Machine learning tools equipped with natural language process technology become prominent in communication by understanding and generating human-like text, supporting chatbots, etc.

Best artificial intelligence tools of 2024

Get a sneak peek at the next-generation AI technology with a mapping of the AI breakthroughs of the year 2024. This is a collection of products that are not common, therefore presenting a wide range of cutting-edge applications that will blend with the norm to show how we will interact with the digital environment. Today, AI is at the heart of innovation, with the success of waking up to virtual assistants and inventing new ways for people to make money and communicate. AI has been deployed across domains. Come along with us on this expedition to the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow's technological influences.

  1. AI logo Maker tools
  2. AI Image and Art Generators and Editors
  3. AI writing tools and text generators
  4. AI video generators and editors
  5. AI music generators
  6. AI face generators
  7. AI avatar generators
  8. AI painting and drawing tools
  9. AI audio generators
  10. AI design tools
  11. AI business tools
  12. AI research tools
  13. AI tools for everyday
  14. AI tools for students
  15. AI character generators

AI logo Maker tools

Designing and branding have now been recognized as the keys to proper communication, and a logo has become the game-changing element in attaining a recognizable brand identity. But the standard way for designers to do a logo can be time-consuming, and this process may need professional skills that students have.

AI logo makers have become the innovative tool to change the logo design industry. Whether you're a startup owner, a small company, or a person to create a logo for, AI logo creators offer a quicker and more open-access way of bringing your brand's image to life. These gadgets have advanced algorithms and principles that would quickly generate your logo based on the input and tastes you have conveyed, hence reducing the need for efficient designers or a massive budget. AI enables logo creation to be more user-friendly. It's very important now to focus only on the creative part. The market provides a variety of artificial intelligence logo makers, each unique in its service; either it helps take the existing idea and make it better or directly generates new logo ideas from text prompts. Enter into a new AI logo design world and perceive how these tools reshape branding to be exciting.

1.Zoviz AI logo Maker

To Zoviz AI Logo Maker, all you have to do to make a logo with the AI is press a few buttons. It's as easy as that. Not only does it serve the humanized style, but it also features a thoughtfully designed user interface, which makes Zoviz unique in the logo-making industry. Advanced AI feature of the application makes the whole process way more effective. Anyone looking to try his hand at creativity or knowingly working like a professional will find the application helpful. In the following studies, let's go the extra mile and discover the unprecedented edge that makes Zoviz the platform of choice and the creator of exceptional and one-off logo content.


  1. Tailored Design: Zova uses AI analytics to have its thoughtful designers build logos that match the particulars of aesthetics selected by you, meaning you can pamper a unique and unparalleled logo cultivated for your brand.
  2. Comprehensive Brand Kit: Beyond having a logo, Zoviz files offers you a complete brand kit, which consists of high-resolution files, brand books, letterhead, and other branding assets. The theme is, therefore, holistic branding.
  3. Smart AI Suggestions: AI powered by Zoviz logo creator for a business profile can come up with many logo suggestions that can save you time and even a pain strain. The intuitive system discovers your likes and fewer dislikes, allowing you to have a logo that will reflect your brand identity and portray who you are as an organization.
  4. Customizable Elements: Through a full-blown palette of customizable design elements like fonts, colors, icons, and shapes, Zoviz provides you with a perfect toolset for tuning your logo, meaning that you can be creative with it while you try different shapes and colors until you find exactly what you were looking for.
  5. Instant Downloads: You will immediately obtain your logo in a proper shape, both for the website and printing − this will ensure flexibility and simplicity of operation.
  6. Versatile File Types: Supply a logotype within 20 high-resolution file types, which are SVG, PNG, EPS, and PDF, and the logo is prepared to be filled with black & white, color, or transparent background, solving various usage requirements.
  7. Optimized for Social Media: Designers you work with can easily create a logo optimized for social media platforms. The size allowances will be easy to use for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other networks to make sure your brand is professional and consistent across digital channels.
  8. Pre-designed Templates: Tailored to your preference, Zoviz offers a variety of top-of-the-industry letterhead templates and email signature formats. Our templates will help you perpetuate your image in the context of company correspondence.
  9. Favicon Pack: Your website visibility will be enhanced using a comprehensive Zoviz favicon package, enabling your customers to receive quick and easy recognition quickly.
  10. Brand Guidance: Zoviz logo designer helps you choose a font and color for your logo using the "Getting Started" guide. That way, you can look up your logo files and see that your logo is cohesive, which can result in your branding success.


Mobile Application Under Development: A mobile application for the Zoviz AI Logo generator is yet to be available, so this option is discontinued for all those users who want to create logos on their mobile phones. Hence, they are vigorously building the mobile app, which will be released soon, so that we will have the extra convenience after it.


Basic Logo Kit

  • Multiple logo file types to showcase your brand.
  • $19.99
  • One-time payment

What you get in the Basic Kit:

  • Full commercial rights included
  • Standard logo files (PNG, JPG)
  • Resizable logo files (SVG, PDF)

Full Logo Kit

  • Everything you need to kickstart your business.
  • $49.99
  • One-time payment

What you get in the Full Kit:

  • Full commercial rights included
  • Standard logo files (PNG, JPG)
  • Resizable logo files (SVG, PDF)
  • Social media profiles & covers
  • Letterhead layouts
  • Email signature templates
  • Favicon for website and app
  • Brand style guide

2.  DesignHill 

Be a highly user-friendly AI logo maker that assists users in creating their own engaging and professional logos with relative ease. With a rapid one-click logo generator, the tool offers the possibility of selecting a business name to get started, a design style from an extensive library of templates, and a color scheme. Remarkably, DesignHill’s custom options allow customers to choose their area in the industry and even specific symbols. This kind of influence is not found in other platforms.


  1. Quick and User-Friendly: The platform of DesignHill is fast, simple, and neat to use, allowing the logo design to be smoothly operated.
  2. Extensive Logo Editor: The tool provides you with a large number of ways to modify the logo editor, allowing you to alter every detail from the symbol and wrappers to the background, fonts, layout, and color palette.
  3. Manual Symbol Selection: Users will be able to pick out what they desire the logo to be made of from the library, which results in a wide range of flexibility options.
  4. Diverse Logo Variations: DesignHill immediately produces lots of logo variations. Hence, the user has multiple options.
  5. Comprehensive Brand Kit: The complete brand kit by DesignHill incorporates the logos with the logo files in the vector, SVG, transparent background, and black & white versions on image prints, his card, and the social media-ready assets.


  1. Limited AI Prompt Support: DesignHill is not offering the AI logo maker-sensitive prompts involving text.


Starting Price: $20.

Free Version: Not available. Standout

Paid Features:

  • Unlimited changes and re-downloads.
  • High-res vectors and SVG files.
  • Print-ready assets

3. Turbologo

Turbologo excels as a top-quality logo maker with intuitive editing options, dozens of eye-pleasing and professional templates, and outstanding multi-device support. Turbologo operates just like Looka. First, you have to enter your industry and color palette. However, it takes it a step further and provides you with several icons instead of auto-generated logos.


  1. Variety of Logos: The wide range of logos that Turbologo displays makes the users feel like there's no limit to the options they can explore.
  2. Extensive Template Library: Turbologo has no shortage of templates/icons and can suit any particular style with its over 1000!
  3. Advanced Search Options: The platform has a sophisticated search system in place wherein the user types search descriptions or tags to find the perfect logo icon.


  1. Basic Logo Editor: Speaking of which, from among more specialized platforms, the Turbologo logo editor can be considered pretty minimalist.


  • Starting Price: $21
  • Free Version: Not available

Standout Paid Features:

  • Vector files
  • Full copyright ownership
  • There are endless changes to a logo.

AI Image and Art Generators and Editors

 1. DALL-E 2:

DALL-E 2, the text-to-image system developed by OpenAI, is a genuinely remarkable creation. It can render visuals that closely mirror authentic images, ranging from artists' styles worldwide. It has indeed been noticed for its noteworthy feature standing out from the rest of the tools that has enabled authors to bring textual descriptions to life with a musical flair, making it very exciting for the artists to have various creative choices. Be it an astronaut on the horse or reaching photo-realism comparable to Claude Monet, DALL-E 2 guarantees a magical sensation that comes from imagination instead of boundaries.


  • Up till a sizable number of styles, it can mimic images.
  • Generated images are free for download and incorporation.
  • Each call for text sequentially is followed by the display of four images as choices for visitors.


  • Furthermore, it might need help depicting images with high realism.
  • The language barrier is only limited to prompt writing in English.


$15 for 115 credits (Text prompts are equivalent to one credit, which costs 0.13$ for each prompt).

2. Stable Diffusion:

Like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion plays its part in the text-to-image generation world by elaborating images based on textual descriptions and providing various options for modifying images. Another of their prime features is a sizable prompt dataset that allows users to create and foster an unhindered artistic experience by providing them with creative prompts that they can easily combine. Stable Diffusion creates a comfortable area of expression for people looking for an easy and diverse platform.


  • The AI writer is provided with a vast library of 8 million prompts to guarantee efficiency in writing.
  • It also features a smartphone application called Dreamer.
  • It could be utilized to make correct adjustments to the characteristics of an existing image.


  • This result quality may depend on the input data volume and quality.
  • The pricing system can be complicated.


  • Free plan available.
  • Basic: $9/month for 999 words generation, no APIs.
  • Standard: $49/month for 999 image generations covers all API access.
  • Premium: $149/month for unlimited picture processing and use of all available APIs.

3. Midjourney:

Amid testing, Midjourney is introduced excitingly since the users would be able to produce art through Discord. This experimental phase reveals a trail that serves as a basis and points to exciting possibilities for creative works. The current trial version, confined to 25 queries, hints at the possibility of giving too many opportunities to the tool, thus prompting the users to make further discoveries and enhance their artistic quest.


  • What is produced using Turbofly is free of copyright.
  • Every text sentence is transformed into four different images from which the user has to choose.


  • One must establish an authenticated Discord account to enter the game.
  • The user may need clarification with controls as there is no intuitive UI.


  • Essential: $10 U.S. dollars monthly for 3.3 hours of fast GPU time.
  • Standard: We also need to budget for the usage fees: $30/month for the fast GPU time with 15 hours of usage each month.
  • Pro: $60/month for burst 30 GPU time/month.
  • Mega: $120 monthly for a quota of 60 hours of fast GPU time/month.

AI writing tools and text generators

Communication in its different forms at work has become indispensable for modes of communication, such as writing emails, reports, social media posts, blog articles, etc. Making these writings with much hard work and writing efforts is paramount.

AI writing plays a significant role in accelerating and simplifying these processes. Regardless of the AI text generation tool you opt for, the fundamental principle remains the same: you need to enter some input prompts for your text, and the AI, in a matter of a few seconds, will give the output as the desired result.

At the start, future AI writers find their results rather unique, as the generated texts not only replicate the usual ones but also can have some wit, specific tone, and style.

So, what takes place at the pipeline level? AI writing tools implement NLP, which is a way of understanding the diversity and complexity of human language. Many of these functions, including machine multi-language translation and machine speech interpretation, can be accomplished. Most current text generator AIs are based on GPT-3, the most extensive machine learning model concerning language processing (NPL).

The main determining factor when it comes to tools is your unique situation.

1. ChatGPT: 

ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, has attracted familiar people's attention due to the OpenAI originator. This internet-based chatbot is a gadget that functions similarly to traditional chatbots, where people ask questions and get answers based on AI-generated responses.

The ChatGPT language platform is a potent tool that employs the OpenAI language models that can mine huge amounts of data from the entire Internet. Such a satellite tool is reshaping the landscape of text-based content writing, from essays or direct emails to blogging, articles, speeches, and coding.

It is tempting to use this due mainly to its free access, allowing every user to sign up and enjoy its capabilities. Whether you are an advanced user or a beginner, this ChatGPT platform is very user-friendly and offers a beautiful experience.


  • A conversational user interface is like a chatbot for effortless interaction.
  • This flexibility allows us to respond to various queries throughout all subjects.
  • Completely free. Also, support for 50 languages.


  • The lack of contextual understanding often occurs in some subjects.
  • The free version might suffer performance issues and bugs as the package is not designed for widespread use.
  • There is a danger of hallucination and prejudice.


  • Free
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month - Faster service.

2. Writer:

The AI writing tool shines off as an enterprise-ready masterpiece by the Writer team. The ability to produce human-like responses is achieved via generative AI, making it easy to incorporate into your brand identity and business models. Without limitations, writer virtue helps with content creation and writing in all departments, such as marketing and HR.


  1. Customized and comprehensive platform that is geared toward fulfilling the requirements of enterprises.
  2. They are presented for Download as a Desktop app and extensions for Chrome, Word, or Figma.
  3. Adjustable to come out in agreement with your company's voice and tuning.


  1. More-often-on-the-enterprise-side, more-possibly-inappropriate-for-the-personal-users.
  2. Just like any other AI writing instrument, it might escape from thinking about something so unique and special for content.


  1. Team: Small teams will pay $18 per user for the first month.
  2. Enterprise: Custom prices

3. Notion AI:

Now is the time when Notion, the app that is celebrated for its flexibility and user-friendliness, introduces another feature that is simply remarkable – the Notion AI. This AI text generator turns out to be the part of Notion where the app supports the users' work without involving them in leaving the platform.


  1. Seamless integration within Notion
  2. Intuitively designed user interface that is a breeze.
  3. Optimal customization features


  1. Narrowing original sentences to fit the conversational realm
  2. Accessible as an extra feature is a prerequisite in full-fledged workspace accounts.


  1. $8 per site/month (on an annual basis).
  2. $10 per member per month (charged monthly)

AI video generators and editors

Video is, without doubt, the most dominant modus in media nowadays, engaging all the viewer's senses besides his sight with its wide range of participatory and multimedia features. Interestingly, the brick wall between video consumers and content creators needs to stand on solid ground. Still, it is also full of thorns for the creators and editors already in the game, and the beginners who step into the video-making field come their way. Whether it is a case of skills, tools, or harmony that you want to integrate, the old video production pattern will still dominate.

The use of AI in the fields of computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing also raises questions about ethics, privacy, and social impact when it is applied to sports coverage or entertainment. AI video editors lead to a new era. Their breakthrough performance in cutting down time and lowering costs deals with the problem of technical and organizational intricacies. Filmmaking has suddenly become even more focused: it is the realm of creativity where the filmmakers can bring forward their core ideas without disclosing the tiniest details. While checking out AI assistance for all video-related tasks, from creating an engaging title to transcribing a video and enhancing its audio connectivity. The higher tech of deep video preprocessing intensifies the present-day footage, but the higher-end animating turns everything into a vivid video based on the text. AI enhances Video production differently, allowing for art that was not possible before, which can unleash unseen artistic concepts.

1. Runway 

The poll days of the complicated and labor-intensive video editing that used to annoy video editors have gone. The Runway is a housed application development breed, which simplifies the video editing process, even for amateurs who may need more technical strength and access to costly software. The fact that with the Runway, you can create new videos from existing ones with the help of editing and effects tools is great news. It is equipped with a suite of tools that starts with showing how to cut a background apart smoothly and continuing with the object following, adding subtitles, and so on. By leveraging their newbie plan that allows for three free submissions and their popular plan for more complex tools, costs start at $12 per editor per month.


  1. Diverse video editing capabilities.
  2. Video creation capability is available both from scratch or conversion on images.


  1. It can be very tricky for the newbies.
  2. Video generation is accompanied by drawbacks such as seniority in its speed.
  3. It gathers content that only consists of realistic humans with video service presenters.


  1. Basic: Free
  2. Standard: $12/user/month (billed annually)
  3. Pro: $28/user/month (billed annually)
  4. Unlimited: $76/user/month (billed annually)

2. Unscreen 

Unscreen has been a sheer pioneer in removing backgrounds from videos by applying machine learning techniques. There is no need to spend tiring hours scanning pixels or choosing colors and masks for the photo. The AI-powered Unscreen automatically analyzes videos without human intervention and provides high precision—such an ability results from the capacity of the technology to see through the small details. The tool supports .mp4, .mov, .webm, and .gif among the existing formats. In addition to offering a free version of the service with limits on the text’ quality, like gif exports and a maximum of 5 seconds, Unscreen provides higher-quality gif exports and watermark-free results with the pricing, which starts at $4.99 per video minute.


  1. Supports multiple video formats.
  2. Power to make video backgrounds vanish and add new ones.
  3. Deeper integration with After Effects or Premiere Pro plug-ins.


  1. Develop an effective solution for video editing difficulty.
  2. There were minimal real user testimonials on the website.


  1. Subscription plan: It costs $10 to $400 per month.
  2. Pay-as-you-go plan: $8.16 per video minute


VREW utilizes AI for the speech-to-caption translations inside the videos, making the process more effective. Users can adjust the automatically generated captions through language system recognition, where auto-generated subtitles replace traditional manual ones. The functionality includes font, border, and shadow capabilities to style captions. One important thing is that VREW is all in the form of downloadable software.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. For the captions part, we will leverage the video content.
  3. Retains the punctuation and the order of words from the original speech to incorporate a script with more exact captions.


  1. It is limited to serving as only a downloadable desktop app.
  2. Captioning is limited to speakers in only five different languages, which needs to be improved.


  1. Free: 120 mins of transcription
  2. Light: $67 per year (593 hours, 23 days of 1 minute)
  3. Standard: $124 (20 hours) yearly income.
  4. Business: $364 yearly (11K frame)

AI music generators

AI is reshaping music creation, providing more means of expression to anyone wanting to be a creator and bringing a new perspective to understanding musical artistry. Currently, it is possible for any person with a creative idea, a computer, and access to a music ai generator to get started with the entire process of amateur music composing.

Making sound with AI is a fast and easy way and can give a song or composition in a few minutes. The user's commands from this result, as most AI systems use the prompt to shape their result, which can be a variety of things such as style, genre, or how the music will be used.

These AI machines are driven by large models that use a vast collection of different MP3 files and audio as the basis for their learning. In this regard, the enormous training data allows the AI song maker to understand the meaning of input correctly and utilize machine learning algorithms to produce unique music unlike anyone else's. It continues with composing background music or making speeches over the top; AI applications cover everything related to music production.

1. Jukebox: 

On the livewire of OpenAI, a new AI system, a song generator called Jukebox, is launched to explore and convey an infinite world of musical styles and genres. The platform provides an art treasure trove of songs, giving you the space to instill inspiration. Although this skill is essential to explore the same, it is rare among many who need to learn how to code.


  • It is being able to write lyrics or music in whatever style that you want.
  • It offers listeners an extensive musical collection to explore and live through it.
  • As the smallest computer piece ever, it lets you create and compose your songs with much customization.


  • User-friendly web application construction could be more effective.
  • Need for substantial computing power and time investment.


  • Unfortunately, the exact prices associated with the fascinating AI model remain unknown.


AIVA is an AI-generating music supply for background music for different purposes, such as gaming, video creation, advertising, and events. It is the perfect tool for composing music adjusted to the client as it can produce sounds through previously defined styles or upload original sounds for influence. Unlike the free plan subjected to a ‘No commercial use, no ownership, NPO’ license issued by AIWA, paid subscriptions from $11/month, the starting point is intended for demanding users.


  • The design of custom music genesis for different applications.
  • The ability to change the composed music in real-time and control the music-generating mechanism.
  • It focuses on providing emotionally rich and engaging background sounds.


  • It may take time for users to fully acquire how to apply and correctly use the tool utilities.
  • In the end, if the DJ only follows a predetermined style of music, all creativity will be set aside.


  • Free: there are three monthly downloads, and AIVA is its copyright owner.
  • Standard: €15 monthly for 15 downloads a month and restricted monetization.
  • Pro: €49/month for 300 free downloads per month and total dedication.

AI Face Generators

Do you need an accurate portrait for your marketing materials, yet you work within the limits of a strict budget? It could be that you are writing up a buyer persona, and you would like to keep off glam art you find online. In such situations, an AI face generator can be a perfect tool. Such instruments leverage enhanced image processing and neural networks to promptly produce quite human like faces from scratch.

If the given face generator is specific, it will generate completely random human faces, or you can personalize particular attributes such as skin color, hair color, and emotions. More noteworthy is that research has shown that photos generated by random face generators are almost indistinguishable from real ones so your data is kept secure.

1. This person does not exist.

AI has come to a position where it can produce human faces that are just a pinch of being indistinguishable from the real ones. Skeptical? Contemplate the possibilities of this random face generator, 'This Person Does Not Exist.' Press this button, and the face of a person who does not exist will appear. The platform was initially thought of as a stunt aimed at drawing attention to the AI image generation capabilities.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Portraits that are machine-generated are incredibly life-like.
  • Case of choosing gender, age, and ethnicity for personalization.


  • Copyright-free images are only allowed for personal use.
  • Now and then, it is getting hard with complex details.


  • Free: Use watermarked images for personal purposes
  • Paid: $14.95 for watermark-free images used only once for a single purpose.

2.Face Generator

Face Generator distinguishes itself from "This Person Does Not Exist" because it gives users the flexibility to define their parameters for face creation. The users can adjust their skin color, emotions, hairstyle, and makeup, among other factors, to shape the output as they want. Incredibly, the number of these attributes' variations is estimated to be more than 11.232 million to obtain one face. The tool is available for a 3-day free trial with a monthly subscription following the free trial period, costing $19.99. Instead of packages that can be bought for $8.97 each, individual photos can also be purchased.


  • Face generation based on personal preferences using user-defined parameters.
  • The styles are for the same person (young, old, angry, sad, etc.)


  • Some faces may also involve minor errors and need help representing the details.
  • Some people can be recognized as AI-created.


  • Monthly subscription: $19.99/month
  • Yearly subscription: $199/year
  • Bulk download: Starting at $1 for ten images without a membership.

3.Fake People

Fake People adds another AI face generator into the story by allowing the user to generate a "fake" portrait of a human being. This tool uses a database of 70,000 photos of actual people and, thus, creates fake portraits that are indistinguishable from real ones.


  • Instant synthesizing of the "fake" human faces that are unlike each other.
  • No subscription is needed; you can access it through the website.


  • The website may appear unprofessional
  • Images could not download


  • The prices are not mentioned on the website.

AI Avatar Generators

If you want your AI Avatar to look precisely how you are and even choose between realistic and cartoonish looks and create a video or just a static image, it is possible - there is a way for you to do so. Let us check some state-of-the-art AI avatar generators now.

1. Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me represents the state-of-the-art IA-driven avatar producer aimed at the metaverse. This platform puts the control of creating its avatars in the hands of users using just one photo; it offers many features any user can adjust. Another advantage of Ready Player Me avatars is their support of over 7000 compatible apps and games, making them interoperable with different virtual activities.


  • Offers extensive customization options
  • Allows users to show clothes of various brands on persons (avatars), e.g., Adidas, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others
  • Diversity in game use as thousands of games are interested in it.
  • Effortlessly turns avatars into their profile photos for social media.


  • Best only for very specific uses.
  • Such users may need clarification with the tailor-made offers.


  • Open Source drives it as standards for all developers for non-commercial purposes.
  • No charges are applied to the registered partners for their commercial purposes.

2. Try it on

Let us help you revamp your profile picture even if you are impatient or find the traditional process lengthy. Look no further! Try it on is a powerful AI product that quickly covers guitar changes and gives the feeling of being in a professional photo studio. Ten selfies must be submitted to receive 100 artificial intelligence headshots produced within a day for $17 only.


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Compared to hiring a photographer, the affordable price can be applied.
  • Option to hand over your retouching task like portrait to real human editors.


  • An example of a micro-level issue could be the concern regarding some glitches in the tool.
  • The headshot quality is determined by selfies that depend on the user.


  • Starting price: $17/100 images

3. Avaturn 

Just as it was called, Avaturn is an artificial intelligence tool capable of documenting its user into an AI avatar by using a selfie or two. The app has easy access to the customization of avatar features like body type, hairstyle, and clothing. Avaturn's huge dataset allows the making of realistic 3D facial models that work in real-time mode and are copied by people in their photos.


  • User-friendly so that those with little technical knowledge could have access to it.
  • Personalization options for avatars
  • Three-dimensional models with real-time build closely represent the face geometry of the user.


  • In this case, the quality of an avatar is the selfies they upload.
  • Unlike avatars, which are stylized but not realistic, they are used for entertainment applications, such as games and fun apps.

Pricing (for developers):

  • Free: 150+ HD items cover both clothes and hairstyles
  • Pro: (800) / month for custom images, logos, colors, and API.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

AI Painting and Drawing Tools

Power your doodles with an AI drawing generator and let your imagination flow. Whether you want to improve your sketches, add motion to the drawings, or create entirely new artworks depending on your writing, these utilities are user-friendly toolkits that are fun and free! However, it is essential to remember that they are intended for sketches that are playful rather than creating super detailed sculptures. If you're looking for AI image generators, this chapter is for you. However, remember that just because you've transformed into a grown-up doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some exploring with your inner child.

1. AutoDraw

Visualize the Paint classic on a speedy mode – it's AutoDraw. Drawing with a blank canvas gives you ideas on which shapes and symbols would make an excellent addition to your doodle. Snap your text together, fiddle with colors, and add shapes of different kinds within no time. When completed, you can save it. Initially an experiment of Google Creative Lab, AutoDraw is a convenient educational tool that is adaptable for all.


  • It makes drawing simple for non-skilled users & kids.
  • Available for free
  • Users can instantly start using it without having to make any profile.


  • The AI recommendations may profoundly influence users.
  • The medium is not fit for finely detailed or intricate art.


  • Google offers us a simple and accessible tool.

2. Sketch MetaDemoLab

Have you ever been so eager to come alive with all the things you have drawn or your kid has doodled? Sketch MetaDemoLab is a tool that only takes one step; that is, as soon as you scan and upload your drawing, it detects objects with the global AI. You can choose from the movements of dancing and jumping among the others. This AI drawing tool is a free web-based application for novices and kids.


  • Easy-to-use, browser-based app
  • Good start on AI, especially for beginners and children.
  • Available at no cost


  • It demands the operation of scanning and uploading paper designs.
  • Limited to recognizable objects
  • Generating the animations may be relatively simple.


  • No cost charged, provided by the Meta AI Research team.

3. Magic Sketchpad

Sketch is now complete! That's your sketch completed by Magic Sketchpad. Choose the category before drawing to help the algorithm understand your objective. Choose different colors, use multiple categories – how it is, the decision is yours. We will generate your creation in the .jpg format for you upon completion. This intuitive AI tool is free; you don't need to have an account before using it.


  • Free and extremely user-friendly
  • No signup required


  • AI support services may be limited to complex categories
  • The drawings are in English on suggestions.


  • Free to use

AI Business Tools

If you are an entrepreneur, you most likely perform multiple roles— even more so if you run a small business. You communicate with customers, do paperwork and general office administration, and navigate business processes. All this takes you some good timing and several skills.

Do you like to use AI to let go of small business owners? They can make everything faster for you – automate your processes, save time on tedious, repetitive manual jobs, and, thus, increase income. However, you don’t have to dig into your pockets to purchase these. Extensive AI tools cater to startups, so you can also try them out.

1. Namelix

Generating a business idea has always been exciting and quick, but what name should the new business bear? Not so much. What seems to be impossible is every brainstorm that gives rise to names that either sound silly, weird or just plain bland. Let's visit Namelix! With these parameters filled in, go ahead and hit the button. Next, Namelix, an accessible instrument, will generate several brand name proposals that fit your business.


  • Instructions for business details: to generate the actual products/services
  • Performs in the browser without the requirements of signing up​
  • Generates several alternatives, increasing the likelihood of settling on a good choice.


  • These will be unimaginative names as they will come up if only the keywords provided by users are considered.
  • The level of elegance and attractiveness of the proposed brand names could differ.


  • Profit-making is not Namelix's priority, as it provides its service for free.

2. Textio

It has undoubtedly become a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses to find a large talent pool in today's dynamic job market. In comes Textio, a tool powered by AI that researches ideas and gives you advice on how to use words without bias and social injustice in your text. Textio's tools integrate perfectly with Workday, Greenhouse, Outlook, and Gmail to offer you the best writing optimization services for recruitment. Yet, pricing needs individual attention through providing demo sessions.


  • Direct integration with Workday, Greenhouse, and Oracle, among other tools.
  • Provides research-backed language guidance
  • AI helps to put off bias such as gendered phrases, racism, ageism, and other forms of discrimination.


  • Open pricing is another challenge to be faced.
  • The tool could also be new users; therefore, they may spend time becoming conversant with it.


  • The pricing is not public; the users will need a demo before having information about it.

3. Flatlogic

You may be thinking about the development of your web app. If you are thinking of having a fast and low-budget solution, Flatlogic can be that. This AI tool enables teams to craft web apps, including CMSs, online databases, and similar products. Choose your technology stack, pick a template, and modify it to meet your needs. Your app is going to the deployment stage. Regarding pricing, the first annual app subscription starts at $299 per year.


  • The templates range from 11 to 49 to cover your immediate needs.
  • Schedule a contact with the Flatlogic team for faster app deployment.
  • Flatlogic AI is used to create apps according to text format.


  • Starting from $299 per app per year, the prices can be a valuable point.
  • Although web app development has become simplified using the web app, which may look easy for users, there will be a learning curve.


  • Individual: $299.00/app/year
  • Professional: $2,990.00/app/year
  • Enterprise: Customized "à la carte" plans with pricing depending on the specific needs.

AI Research Tools

Many students and researchers are successfully conducting AI research in their teams. It not only eases staying up to date with the latest research findings but also makes organizing and citing favorite research papers easier.

AI for research does not just stop at auto-summarizing your in-depth research papers; innovative search engines also send updates on the recent trends in your field. The AI tools are primarily of paramount value for the researchers in academia that seem to offer an inexpensive, accurate, and fast alternative, thus saving you time and effort. It's your turn! Don't wait; give it a try – you will love it!

1. Genei

Research takes an incredible amount of time, which is why AI, assisted by Genei, shortens the process. This tool aims to extract content from PDFs and pages from the web and gives you the short summarized information you need at any given time based on your resources. The Basic pack, which costs $3.99/month, comes with a Google Chrome extension that provides webpage summaries wherever you are, and you can get a free trial on it.


  • The statistics show that 98% of users spend less time using Genei.
  • A Chrome extension for quickly reading content from web pages even while on the go.
  • The project and folder are fully adjustable for saved documents.


  • The Pro plan is second to none, providing 70% superior AI quality to the Basic plan.
  • The automatic post scheduler can be accessed only with the Pro plan. It offers rephrasing and paraphrasing options.
  • The accuracy of the summaries and responses generated by AI could be inconsistent.


  • Primary: $3.99/month
  • Pro: $19.99/month

2. is an AI-powered tool that acts as a workspace for research. AI encompasses almost every significant aspect of research. With the help of this tool, the user can upload documents, join other data sources, and perform powerful tasks like data filtering, context understanding, and summary creation. You can request a demo on their website to move further and have a firsthand experience.


  • AI help can be used in various steps of the research process.
  • Overrun by a mass of scientific publications
  • Documents uploading and reaching other data-sets capability.


  • A learning curve needs to be taken by the users regarding adjusting to AI-driven research tools.
  • AI, however, may not be less perfect, which becomes a challenge for academicians.


  • Pricing information is not displayed for the public; those who want to experience the product can request a demo.

3. Semantic Scholar

If you wish to always be on the ball with the recent research trends in your discipline, Semantic Scholar is the tool for you. This AI tool indexes more than 2 million research papers in the academic sphere that can quickly extract the findings, assist in citation management, and send notifications related to newly published papers or the citation of your choice – all for free.


  • Free to use
  • AI's capability to extract main points from a data set saves time enormously.
  • Implementation of Semantic Reader, a much-needed tool for researchers.


  • However, despite its vast paper collection, it may fail to occupy niches fully.
  • Scientists who provide AI research must be confident in the system's competence to recognize relevant papers.


  • This is an open-source project that comes with no costs.

AI Tools for the Everyday

Some things in life can take up time. Whether working with Excel formulas or jobCV building and operating personal finances, these activities usually end up eating most of the free time one sets aside for other purposes. Nevertheless, the latter is an AI utility of the current 2024. Thanks to these tools, you can do mundane stuff without trouble and narrow your attention to more important things. The applications allow you to shift your attention to other essential tasks, which AI will address for you sometimes without even noticing.

1. TimeHero

Managing your time is identical to gaining control of your life as a business and an individual. Take control of your personal time hero position, and use this AI productivity tool to keep you ahead of all your tasks. Sync your calendar, task your enterprises, and plug in your daily applications like Office 365 and Google Calendar. TimeHero creates a flexible work schedule for you to perform your tasks and forget about the planning process efficiently.


  • A feature added was that it could work with most calendars and other daily apps such as Office and Gmail.
  • "Task planning from emails within Gmail" directly.
  • Adaptive working time for greater productivity.


  • Mismatches may occur with individual ways of workflow.
  • The lower-rate tier's plan will be of limited functionality.


  • Basic: $5/user/m (for limited features only).
  • Professional: $12 per user per month (with restricted features)
  • Premium: $27 per subscriber per month (all features included) 

2. Wade

While managing your professional career progression using Wade, your tailored career guide, less stress is encountered. No matter how often you think you have got your life sorted out, there is always a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you don't know it all. Interacting with an AI career advisor is the best solution. Wade assists with resume building, career goal setting, and more.


  • Mentoring that is customized according to a student's career plans.
  • I am holding the promise for knowledge-driven, objective data about career decisions.
  • Adapts to the user as the system works with the user more.


  • Risk for AI dependence with significant decisions in career path.
  • A small amount of competence to manage highly variable and complex career matters.
  • Possible privacy concerns regarding disclosing personal confidential career information


  • Free for job seekers

3. Josh

Some people have met Josh, the AI-powered voice system that helps them control multiple devices in the smart home, including lights, thermostats, and door locks. Besides the help, Josh gives you real-time weather, traffic, and news updates. The home usage of the device is a function of device compatibility, and it will be prescribed to you in the compatibility list.


  • Interconnection with various smart home gadgets for the advancement of automation.
  • Real-time data on extra factors.
  • Simple, unique, integrating into any space.


  • They are relying on voice commands, as they are only sometimes correct.
  • First operation and users' learning curve.
  • Traditional devices support limited compatibility.


  • Contact their Sales Team/call for pricing information.

AI Tools for Students

AI as a technology does not only play one role but multiple ones. It can be applied for personalizing learning materials, detecting plagiarism, transcribing lectures, fast teacher-student communication, and a range of other operations.

Educators and learners benefit significantly from the many challenges the present education system faces as these AI tools respond. How? The automatic machine aimed at manual tasks, reducing human error, improving communication efficiency, and saving time.

1. Otter

Do you always feel the double pain and trouble listening to lectures and note-taking at the same time? Therefore, Otter becomes your ally by taking notes, which will free your mind from the note-taking workload and allow you to listen and be actively engaged. Whether it's in-person lectures or virtual lectures through Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, Otter works flawlessly with them. Your notes are available and editable from any device that you have via the mobile or web app.


  • Integration with Google or Microsoft Calendar for video conference recording only with one click.
  • This way, real-time meeting summaries will get ready for latecomers.
  • No matter where you are, you can take notes on the web and mobile app.


  • Transcribed notes might be overwhelming with personal data, implying the need for caution regarding user privacy.
  • The free plan provides limited functionality; further usage and premium features are available only after subscription.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $16.99 / user/month; the team offer is priced at this amount, which comprises some essential team features like assigning actions.
  • Business: $40/user/month (which covers admin features like usage analytics).
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

2. Summari

Managing your time and overcoming the flood of reading materials inhibits you? Summari, the AI, comes to the rescue: read and condense to the core in no time! Summari's mode of learning is humanistic, in the sense that having been trained on millions of summarized articles written by humans, Summari writes in paragraphs, titling the captions and presenting the critical information in bullet points. Effortless text summarizations are possible via the Chrome extension or mobile app and integrations for Slack and Teams. At the moment, Summari, a term in Beta, is provided free of charge.


  • Time-saving by extracting the main points of a given text in a short and informative manner.
  • AI's training model is fed on several thousand human-written article summaries.
  • But what also requires attention is the layout detail.


  • Potential accuracy limitations
  • Limited user-restricted freedom in the process of summarization.


  • Free
  • Starter: $10/month
  • Growth: $50/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Pay per word: $0.00055/word

3. Gradescope

One more noteworthy aspect of AI in education, Gradescope, eases processing tests and exercises in multiple fields. Gradescope will help make grading more accessible and give insights into the students' learning, whether assignments are digital, paper-based, or anything in between. Teachers have two initial terms, free paid with three educational plans.


  • Since it is appropriate for marking homework on a large number of topics.
  • I was given a single-click utility to streamline the application process with constant feedback.
  • The information brings those insights into students' knowledge levels.


  • Educators and students need some period to become accustomed to the tool.
  • Some users encounter uploading problems as a rare case.


  • Teachers can ask for a trial for a total of one term.
  • After the trial, two plans are available: Prerequisite and Formal.

AI Character Generators

To create the fantasy character, take a breath. Feel the power of AI-generated characters!

From video animations to professional illustrations, no technical background is needed. It's up to your creative idea, and AI will work the spark. Whether you're crafting animated video narratives, digital companions, or other AI-generated creatures, there are handy AI tools at your disposal: Whether you're crafting playful video narratives, digital companions, or other AI-generated creatures, there are handy AI tools at your disposal:


Walk Jointly with, the AI character generator which writes and presents animated video stories through the implementation of unique scenes, characters, and personal dialogs. The product, however, currently runs only in English, the website encourages exploration.


Unleashes creativity and storytelling bar chains of technical expertise.

"Idea-to-video" operation has been added lately, and it makes creative expansion, altogether, faster.

Web accessibility brings more convenience to its users.


Non-English-speaking users may face the language barrier based on solely English-functionality system.

Possible constraints in variety of scenes and absence of characters options

The most remarkable is that the vast majority of the features are in the beta version of the updates.


  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $8/month
  • Premium: $25/month
  • Enterprise: Made specific to the specific needs and affordable

2. Replika

Get rid of the mystique that AI friendships are just in the movies from the future. Make your Replika your AI friend and at the same time will offer you either a conversation or advice whenever you wish. Be it a friend, a partner, or a would-be mentor for you, let us create the replica of your wish! Owing to the ongoing dialogues, you become increasingly aware of the character, thereby, approaching a certain storyline of a movie.


  • Personalized interactions suitable for user profiles
  • 24/7 availability of the AI-based companion in the app can be provided.
  • The AI adapts to its user's preferences and learns based on their history of interactions.


  • Often incomprehensibility of the user's situation
  • Some users suffer from persevering prompts supposed to share private information.


  • Replika is free to apply.
  • The monthly subscription fee of $19.99 is applied for premium features exclusive to Replika Pro.


With Crypko, an AI character generator that focuses on waist-up illustrations, you are ready for a deep dive into the anime creation universe. AI powers Crypko as it grants the user an easy way to tweak details of characters: eye color, hair color, and hairstyle changes. Besides that, the tool can add a touch of magic by including your characters in some of the best animation styles.


  • Allows users to choose many different customizable options when building anime-style characters.
  • Introduces the development of character rotation into the framework.
  • Perfect for those who wish to animate their own anime characters.


  • The website may be translated to English but not entirely 100% accurate.
  • Art could be true or false while deciding on the absence or presence of an artist in a particular work of art.
  • Pricing specifics are not public.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Several options you can pick and the cost/rates/prices are nowhere on the site.
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