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How it works

Create your dream logo in a minute

Our simple AI-powered tool lets you create one in just 5 minutes with a few clicks.


Input Your Brand Name

Begin your branding journey by entering your brand name. It's the foundation upon which your visual identity will be built. This step sets the stage for a personalized and unique branding experience.


Choose Your Logo Design

Explore a wide array of professionally designed logo concepts. Browse, experiment, and select the one that best represents your brand's essence. Your brand's face is just a click away.


Get Your Full Brand Kit

Receive your comprehensive brand kit. This kit includes versatile logo files, professional letterhead, a distinctive favicon, social media images, a custom email signature, business cards, and a brand book. With your complete brand kit, you're ready to confidently and consistently represent your brand in both digital and print media, making a lasting impact in the business world.


Personalize Your Logo

Begin your branding journey by entering your brand name. It's the foundation upon which your visual identity will be built. This step sets the stage for a personalized and unique branding experience.

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Zoviz provides all the features you need

What you get after you create your logo

High-Quality Logo Files

Receive top-tier logo files and brand materials in various formats, ensuring your brand looks impeccable in any context. Access logo files in various formats, suitable for web, print, social media, and any other application.

Social Media Integration

Connect your brand all across the digital landscape with our Social Media Integration feature. Easily apply your brand elements to your social media profiles and cover images, ensuring a cohesive online presence.

Brand Stationary

Brand stationery, like letterhead and business cards, ensures a consistent and professional brand image.

Email Signature

Boost your business growth with professionally-designed email signature templates tailored for various platforms like G-mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and more.

Guidance with Brand Book

The included brand book provides you with guidelines on logo usage, colors, and typography to maintain brand consistency.

Unlimited Changes

Make adjustments to your logo and brand kit until you're completely satisfied, ensuring your brand reflects your vision.

Lifetime Ownership

Gain complete control and unlimited usage rights for the chosen logo, ensuring it's exclusively yours.

Support and Assistance

Our dedicated customer support team is available to answer your questions and assist you throughout your branding journey, ensuring a smooth experience.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign up to use the Zoviz logo maker?

Users need to log in to benefit from the tools of Zoviz. It is possible to log in by creating an account or using a Google account to have access.

To create a business logo by Zoviz, all you need to do is enter the word you'll use as your brand's name. After that, Zoviz will serve you lots of design choices to choose from and get your full business brand kit.

You can use Zoviz as a free designer by searching for the brand name you desire using the search tool. That's all, and Zoviz will create different logos in various designs just for you, in seconds.

Zoviz lets users see their options for different logos with the brand name they've searched for using the search tool. Basically, you can see lots of logos with your brand name on them and also have a chance to edit them for free. When you want to download the options that Zoviz AI offers to you, you have to pay to have a high-resolution brand logo.

You can make your own logo by registering with Zoviz, and Zoviz will create everything for you in seconds! All you have to do is choose the one you like from the options Zoviz offered and edit it if you want. That's all, and you have all your brand's needs.

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