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Zoviz Licensing Agreement

1. Introduction

Welcome to's licensing page, your trusted online logo and brand kit maker. This comprehensive document elucidates the terms related to our platform's use, detailing rights over the crafted assets, and clarifying the scope of ownership and copyright related to the logos and brand kits produced using our expertise.

2. Ownership and Rights to Assets

At, we ensure that all necessary licenses and rights for assets, which encompass icons, fonts, and other design elements, are in place. As such, our valued users can leverage these assets for commercial purposes with absolute confidence.

2.1. Commercial Rights Upon Purchase

All assets, from icons to design elements, available on, are sanctioned for commercial utilization. Once you integrate these assets into your brand’s design and finalize a purchase, you can deploy your end-product commercially without incurring any extra licensing fees.

2.2. Rights and Copyright Post-Purchase

Post the acquisition of a logo or brand kit on, you transition into the legal owner of the logo files. This endows you with the full copyright over your chosen logo, enabling a gamut of rights from use to distribution.

3. Quality Assurance and Integrity of Assets

To maintain our reputation for delivering premium products, every icon and asset present on undergoes meticulous vetting and approval by human professionals. We can assertively state that our icons are neither arbitrary selections from the internet nor borrowed from external websites. Our commitment to originality and quality ensures that what you receive is unique, of high calibre, and crafted with finesse.

4. Logo Components and Copyright Insights

It’s paramount to discern the nuances of the copyright vested in your logo. Though you possess rights over the complete design, individual elements such as symbols or fonts are exempted. This is attributed to the fact that multiple users might employ identical elements in diverse designs. However, the collective originality of your logo is what entitles you to its copyright.

5. Trademarking Your Creation

Being the legal owner of your logo files does not equate to possessing a binding trademark. If your objective is to ensure exclusivity and to deter others from replicating or using a design reminiscent of yours, trademark registration is the pathway. This legal shield offers robust protection, granting exclusive logo use rights for specific commodities or services. For a seamless trademark registration process, liaison with the copyright/trademark office in your jurisdiction is advisable. Their expertise will guide you on procedural details, associated costs, and other essential aspects.

6. Exclusive Logo Licensing

For users seeking a heightened level of exclusivity, wherein their chosen logo is locked from display or sale to other clients, offers a special licensing option. By availing this, your logo becomes an exclusive emblem for your brand. For more information on this exclusive licensing, kindly reach out to our dedicated team at [email protected].

7. Responsibilities and Legal Implications

Engaging with implies an understanding and respect for the rights of fellow users and adherence to this licensing agreement's tenets. Users are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring their designs are free from potential infringements. is exempt from liabilities arising from any misuse or misinterpretation of logos or brand kits designed on our platform.

8. Commitment to Global Data Protection Standards

At, we staunchly uphold both local and global data protection standards. Assuredly, any personal data collated during your engagement with us is safeguarded with top-tier encryption, and under no circumstances is it divulged to third parties.

9. Conclusion and Support remains at the forefront of ensuring transparency, commitment, and top-notch service delivery. As the dynamic confluence of technology and law continues to evolve, we will adapt and refine our licensing terms to remain compliant and lucid. For queries or clarifications on the discussed terms or any other aspect, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. At [email protected], our dedication extends beyond design solutions; we're steadfast in supporting you every step of your journey.